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2022.1.4+ is free trial version, you will have a 30 days free trial, if you want to compare the difference from free and paid version, you can see the release log from 2022.1.4

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Because developing version is still in development, the documentation of developing version may not be entirely accurate and is subject to change.

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2024.1.6 Free trial Newest version 2024-06-24 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Multi Tab window
  • Apis mark
  • Url copy in Apis & Navigate
  • Json path support
  • Url generation supports extends BaseController interface
  • Fixed some known bugs

2024.1.5.1 Free trial 2024-05-16 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Entity parse

2024.1.5 Free trial 2024-05-14 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Add library support in pre and post script
  • Type drop-down box optimization
  • Original url display optimization
  • Apifox directory sync optimization
  • Url input style optimization
  • Parameter Tab automatic jump optimization
  • cUrl import optimization
  • Fix Api doc synchronization is successful but prompts an error

2024.1.4 Free trial IDEA 2022.3+

  • Apifox integration
  • AI support optimization
  • Change moduleHeader to apiHeader
  • cURL import Optimization
  • Entity parse optimization
  • Compatible with IDEA 2024
  • API export file suffix error

2024.1.3 Free trial 2024-03-04

  • AI support optimization
  • Performance optimization for large response results
  • Map type parse optimization
  • Download does not respond in Windows system

2024.1.2.1 Free trial 2024-01-24

  • No response when click send and download

2024.1.2 Free trial color="pink"/> 2024-01-19

  • Custom toolbar

2024.1.1 Free trial 2024-01-15

  • SearchEveryWhere support classname search
  • Generate .fastRequest directory strategy
  • Ignore field name parse support
  • Apis and Navigate in popup
  • Manual update check
  • Content-Disposition support optimization
  • SearchEveryWhere performance optimization
  • API loading performance in Navigate optimization
  • Markdown doc add return value doc
  • Collection generic parsing error

2023.2.3.1 Free trial

  • JSON5 support error

2023.2.3 Free trial

  • Sync API to Postman
  • Project name drop-down box automatically switches
  • Environment refactoring
  • Project domain name addition optimization
  • Change API document sync trigger to API is saved
  • Add @fastRequestParseIgnore support for ignore parse field
  • SearchEveryWhere compatible idea2023.3
  • Error when passing non-json in body param
  • curl import parsing\' error

2023.2.2 Free trial

  • Markdown doc template config
  • JSON5 support
  • Compatible with IDEA 2023.3
  • History requests list show errors
  • History requests list show errors

2023.2.1.1 Free trial

  • Style optimization for Url textField in some themes
  • Project level header save error

2023.2.1 Free trial

  • UI predigestion
  • Support open API document in apis list
  • Auto domain
  • Map parse
  • Put show apis into right click menu
  • Add plugin version to statistics page
  • Many details optimized
  • Url and cUrl copy can not replace environment variable
  • Curl import parsing error in form-urlencoded and -d forms

2023.1.9 Free trial

  • Quick add Environment variable support
  • Add、Delete、Modify support in Environment use view
  • Show apis trigger in Controller
  • Response adds Size property
  • API Name Saving Optimization
  • Input parameter trim optimization
  • Reduce JSON tree tab size from 5MB to 2MB
  • Remove Accept-Language header when send request
  • cURL copy format error of form-data
  • Logic error of domain configuration page in some the case

2023.1.8 Free trial

  • Environment
  • Method description length truncate
  • Parse support for Instant
  • Delete api directory error in Windows system

2023.1.7.1 Free trial

  • Add generate action in SearchEveryWhere
  • The main window pops up with configuration
  • Param parse
  • Table dragging problem

2023.1.7 Free trial

  • New icon
  • SearchEveryWhere enhance
  • Slack support
  • Compact http icon
  • Duplicate field
  • Optimize the insertion of script snippets
  • Optimize table and textarea
  • Optimize automatic domain parse
  • cUrl import
  • FullScreen
  • Params parse
  • Remove the .main from the module name of a Gradle project
  • SearchEveryWhere keyword search with spaces
  • Optimizing numerous operational details
  • Batch export api doc
  • History request echo data

2023.1.6 Free trial

  • Header batch edit
  • Idea hang when debug in post script

2023.1.5 Free trial

  • Editor icon location
  • SearchEveryWhere style confusion
  • URL variable replacing

v2023.1.4.2 Free trial

  • Domain edit error in project domain config
  • headers group load error

v2023.1.4.1 Free trial

  • Fix Auto domain of multi-module project

v2023.1.4 Free trial

  • Auto domain
  • SearchEveryWhere supports searching URLs in jar
  • Set project header error in Script

v2023.1.3.2 Free trial

  • Teamwork support
  • OpenAI API Optimising fields support
  • API and API storage file jumps
  • Project config refresh
  • rfr.currentModuleName support
  • API doc sync supports custom branch
  • Toolbar
  • LocalDateTime、LocalDate、LocalTime parse
  • Random generate url from array url
  • Comment can not be generate in Kotlin

v2023.1.2 Free trial

  • Image render from response
  • Annual report
  • Url parse logic
  • cUrl Import
  • Url special character parameter encoding
  • Add send request trigger to url field
  • Remove title of window
  • Patch request error in jdk11+
  • API name saved error

v2023.1.1 Free trial

  • Add support for quickly add domain from Yml or Properties config
  • Add project-level domain config
  • Icon alignment
  • Tool window icon in new UI
  • Make Project-level headers value optional
  • Cookie fetch
  • Swagger default value for basic type
  • Array not parse

v2022.3.1 Free trial

  • Add @fastRequestParseIgnore comment support for parse
  • Add rfr.currentDomain in Script
  • Activation prompt optimization
  • Reload api error in navigate when using Kotlin and Java in one project

v2022.2.9 Free trial

  • Compatible with IDEA 2022.2.4
  • Global animate config support
  • Cookie bug
  • Navigate tab load error

v2022.2.8 Free trial

  • Directory download file support
  • @RequestParam support name attribute
  • Error when check update

v2022.2.7 Free trial

  • Api doc sync
  • Api doc show return type document
  • Plugin update notification mechanism
  • Common header
  • Full screen
  • Comment preview
  • Module header value always be checked
  • Parse bug
  • Error when use string param in body

v2022.2.6 Free trial

  • Clear params support
  • Api comment preview
  • Sort param column by key
  • Api doc add required column
  • Long delay in checking for updates
  • Long delay when first open tool window
  • Multi print when use pre-script

v2022.2.5.2 Free trial

  • Post script cannot be cleared

v2022.2.5.1 Free trial

  • Console syntax error

v2022.2.5 Free trial

  • Add console for script
  • Add print script support
  • Add currentProjectName and currentEnvName property in build-in property
  • Get description from javadoc for path and request param
  • @RequestPart support
  • Add twitter in doc action group
  • Post script not execute when response is success but code for example is 401

v2022.2.4.1 收费

  • Fix the small screen EUAL agreement cannot display the agree button

v2022.2.4 Free trial

  • New logo
  • Support parse date by annotation's pattern
  • Support parse url of BaseController
  • Change auto update configurable
  • Parameter encoding
  • Parse error when map not contains generics
  • Post script can not add or remove header

v2022.2.3.1 Free trial

  • Parameter cannot be cleared

v2022.2.3 Free trial

  • Pre-request Script
  • Post-request Script
  • One-click copy Url
  • Compatible with IDEA 2021.2.1
  • RequestParam defaultValue parse
  • Apply table cell value change when click send request
  • Url can not generate after close tool window and reopen
  • Jax-rs PATCH not supported

v2022.2.2 Free trial

  • Add stop API request function
  • Batch export API doc
  • Add annotations when export to Postman
  • Editor hangs in case of a large amount of response data
  • The experience and tips in some scenarios
  • SearchEveryWhere err in EAP/New ui version
  • Error when modify number param in Multipart
  • History request delete operation error in some cases

v2022.2.1 Free trial

  • API grouping parameter save support
  • Temporary request save support
  • Add support for cURL import
  • Add Response Header in response
  • Add support for Url suffix
  • Optimized parameter parsing
  • Optimize shortcut keys
  • Fix Word export bug

v2022.1.10 Free trial

  • Add support for history request preview
  • Add support for description search in SearchEveryWhere
  • Add request timeout settings
  • Shortcut key conflict optimization
  • Text editor character display cursor positioning optimization
  • Curl output format optimization
  • Optimization @Consumes(APPLICATION_JSON) ineffective problem(JAX-RS)

v2022.1.9 Free trial

  • Add shortcut keys for tool window jump
  • Add auto add cookie support
  • Add support for html preview in response raw
  • Ignore field parsing optimizations
  • Generic parameter parsing support
  • Improve project global config
  • Interface optimization
  • Save API insertion order optimization
  • APIs list view optimization
  • Optimized export preview
  • Fixed bug when editing params at the same time delete param

v2022.1.8 Free trial

  • Project-level global parameters support
  • Optimized response data quickly add to headers
  • Optimized cookies quickly added to the header
  • Postman export optimization
  • Fix navigate tree scan bug
  • Fix some bug

v2022.1.7 Free trial

  • Kotlin spring framework support
  • Add SearchEveryWhere scope search strategy
  • Add toggleUseSoftWrap support in editor
  • Add support for add to Global Header from response
  • Add support for navigating to the current method
  • Optimize automatic binding projectName for saved api under multiple modules

v2022.1.6 Free trial

  • Add support for one click to add cookie to header
  • Add support for sharing API to Word and html
  • Fix bug for `Basic Authorization` don't carry Basic
  • Removes the drag function in APIs tab

v2022.1.5 Free trial

  • Add support for automatically generating parameter descriptions
  • Add support for generate API documentation
  • Add support for single class API list preview
  • Remove text/html in Accept param in default header
  • Fix some bugs

v2022.1.4.0 Free trial

  • SearchEveryWhere highlight optimization
  • Add support for import and export APIs
  • Add support for run APIs
  • Add timeout for api request
  • Compatible with idea 2022.1
  • Make it optional for automatically generate parameters
  • Swagger annotation default value parameter parsing support
  • Merged Send and Send and Download buttons
  • APIs user interface optimization
  • API Navigate rename to Navigate in tab
  • Optimize the user guide of features
  • Url generation optimization
  • Fix Light files should have PSI only in one project
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