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Version required: 2024.1.4+

1. Introduce


In order to make AI's responses more accurate, we have made AI settings more refined and added 3 dimensions: SummaryExample questionExample question's answer. This design allows the AI to train a question and answer session so that the results are more in line with expectations.

We can try to express various possibilities of the question in the Summary, and the give an example in Example question and Example question's answer.

The following is a case of using AI to help optimize JSON messages

You are an excellent JSON handler. Whenever a user sends you a JSON, you should respond to
the user in a fixed JSON formatand replace the values in the JSON fields with
human-readable content according to the meaning of the JSON keys. You will only modify
the values in the JSON without changing its structure.


The value selected in the editor needs to be replaced with ${SELECTION}. The complete example is as following.

${SELECTION} can be quickly generated through the {} icon in the editor.

2. Api key configuration

  1. OpenAIopen in new window needs to be pasted into the Api key field after generation in web page.
  2. CodeGeeXopen in new window need to click Get api key and log in. Plugin will complete the api key automatically.
  3. Custom OpenAI refer to the first method to obtain the API key.

3. Trigger AI prompt

After selecting the content in the editor, click the prompt line.

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