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Project-level domain config

Project-level domain config

This function allows developers to add a domain quickly.

Version required: 2023.1.1+


It is recommended to use project-level domain config,original config Setting manager will be used as global config and will have a lower priority than project level config.

The advantage of using project-level config is that when there are many projects, the drop-down box options will be reduced (excluding the config of other projects)


  1. Project name: The project name of the API. If auto domain is turned on, for single-module projects, the project name will be automatically set to the project name, and for multi-modules, it will be the module name. Manual replacement is not recommended.
  2. Env: Different environments, for example, local、dev、test、prod.
  3. Domain: The domain value corresponding to the project name and environment name.

Auto domain or Generate by config file

  1. Refer to this document for auth domain, and finally only need to modify the domain name value if not the value you want.
  2. Generate by config file: Select or application.yml in the project, click on the icon .


How value comes from

  1. For file with environment names such as, plugin will automatically adapt the variables between - and . as environment names.
  2. Project name comes from module name
  3. Domain = http://localhost:port/context-path

Manually configure the domain.


Click on the Project-level domain config to manually enter the corresponding value.

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