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Because developing version is still in development, the documentation of developing version may not be entirely accurate and is subject to change.

2024.1.6 Free trial Newest version 2024-05-16 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Multi Tab window
  • Apis mark
  • Url copy in Apis & Navigate
  • Json path support
  • Url generation supports extends BaseController interface
  • Fixed some known bugs

Multi Tab window Important feature

Open rapi file to display the debugging interface and supports multi-Tab opening. More detail please refer Multi-tab window

Apis mark New feature

Added support for mark APIs in the Apis tab, marking them with red highlight dots, and added mark Api searche condation. Developers can mark the important APIs to make them more visible

Url copy in Apis & Navigate New feature

Right-click option supports copying original URL

Json path support New feature


Support json path search In Body->Raw and Response->Pretty tab, but this depends on JSONPathopen in new window plugin.

2024.1.5.1 Free trial 2024-05-16 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Entity parse

2024.1.5 Free trial 2024-05-14 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Add library support in pre and post script
  • Type drop-down box optimization
  • Original url display optimization
  • Apifox directory sync optimization
  • Url input style optimization
  • Parameter Tab automatic jump optimization
  • cUrl import optimization
  • Fix Api doc synchronization is successful but prompts an error

Add library support in pre and post script New feature

Add a button to allow adding script library to get the Code completionopen in new window function.

Type drop-down box optimization Optimization

The drop-down box uses a more clear English type and uses different colors to distinguish different types.

Original url display optimization Optimization

Url in run tab, and APIs tab is displayed as the original URL, the path parameters will no longer replace.

cUrl import optimization Optimization

Url is the same, but the method type (Get, Post, etc.) is different, the binding pairs are optimized so that they can match correctly.

2024.1.4 Free trial 2024-04-08 IDEA 2022.3+

  • Apifox integration
  • AI support optimization
  • Change moduleHeader to apiHeader
  • cURL import Optimization
  • Entity parse optimization
  • Compatible with IDEA 2024
  • API export file suffix error

Apifox integration Important feature

Apifox integration supports synchronization of APIs, environment variables, domain name information, etc. Just configure an API key and set the project mapping relationship to synchronize.

AI support optimization Important feature


In order to make AI's responses more accurate, we have made AI settings more refined and added 3 dimensions: SummaryExample questionExample question's answer. This design allows the AI to train a question and answer session so that the results are more in line with expectations.

We can try to express various possibilities of the question in the Summary, and the give an example in Example question and Example question's answer.

The following is a case of using AI to help optimize JSON messages. For more details, please refer to AI.

You are an excellent JSON handler. Whenever a user sends you a JSON, you should respond to
the user in a fixed JSON formatand replace the values in the JSON fields with
human-readable content according to the meaning of the JSON keys. You will only modify
the values in the JSON without changing its structure.

Change moduleHeader to apiHeader Optimization


  1. The variable moduleHeader in the pre-script and post-script is changed to apiHeader.
  2. The scope of the Header tab in the main interface has been changed to only face the API level. That is, each API can have different Headers. If you need a public Header, please go to Project Level Header setting.

cURL import Optimization Optimization

在去除域名后,如果 Url 与项目中方法的 Url 一致则自动绑定。

2024.1.3 Free trial 2024-03-04

  • AI support optimization
  • Performance optimization for large response results
  • Map type parse optimization
  • Download does not respond in Windows system

AI support optimization Important feature

Added three forms of AI support: OpenAi, CodeGeeX, and Private deployment AI. Through prompt, selected text can be replaced with another text.

AI action has added the following tabs: Body -> JSON, Body -> Form URL-Encoded -> Text,URL Params -> Text

2024.1.2.1 Free trial 2024-01-24

  • No response when click send and download

2024.1.2 Free trial 2024-01-19

  • Custom toolbar

Custom toolbar Important feature


Using the custom toolbar option, select the functionalities you want to use and hide other function buttons. Then restart IDEA.

2024.1.1 Free trial 2024-01-15

  • SearchEveryWhere support classname search
  • Generate .fastRequest directory strategy
  • Ignore field name parse support
  • Apis and Navigate in popup
  • Manual update check
  • Content-Disposition support optimization
  • SearchEveryWhere performance optimization
  • API loading performance in Navigate optimization
  • Markdown doc add return value doc
  • Collection generic parsing error

SearchEveryWhere support classname search Important feature


Support enters the class name where the Url is located to search for all APIs under this class.

Generate .fastRequest directory strategy Important feature

When Project is opened by default, the .fastRequest directory will no longer be generated. Only when you operate plugin, it will be generated.

Ignore field name parse support New feature


Only need to add field names in the configuration to ignore target fields in the entity class.

Apis and Navigate in popup New feature

You can quickly open the Apis and Navigate window to view information through shortcut keys. When the window is open, press ESC to close the window.

Manual update check New feature


Click to check for plugin updates

SearchEveryWhere performance optimization Optimization

The SearchEveryWhere search logic has been optimized to greatly improve the search performance of large projects.

We tested a project with 7000 APIs and the search response was very fast

Content-Disposition support optimization Optimization

Content-Disposition supports the following 2 formats, and also supports file name transcoding.

Content-Disposition:attachment; filename*=UTF-8''fastRequest%20.txt
Content-Disposition:attachment; filename=fastRequest.txt

2023.2.3.1 Free trial 2023-12-20

  • JSON5 support error

2023.2.3 Free trial 2023-12-19

  • Sync API to Postman
  • Project name drop-down box automatically switches
  • Environment refactoring
  • Project domain name addition optimization
  • Change API document sync trigger to API is saved
  • Add @fastRequestParseIgnore support for ignore parse field
  • SearchEveryWhere compatible idea2023.3
  • Error when passing non-json in body param
  • curl import parsing\' error

Sync API to Postman Important feature

You only need to configure the token of Postman and the ID of the workspace to upload the API to Postman.Enjoy what fast request do not support.

To make the data synchronised to Postman more complete, it is recommended to select the sync after API save option in the Postman config of the plugin then trigger the synchronisation by saving the API.

More details please refer Postman sync

Project name drop-down box automatically switches New feature

When generating parameters for APIs under different modules, if auto domain name is enabled, the project name drop-down box will automatically switch

Environment refactoring Optimization


Environment contains Current value and Initial value. Initial value can be shared by submitting config fine in .fastRequest/config/fastRequestCurrentProjectEnvironment.json.

Project domain name addition optimization Optimization

The module name is automatically recognized as a drop-down box option, and you can also customize it.


Add @fastRequestParseIgnore support for ignore parse field Optimization

To ignore parsing for entity field, you can add @fast Request Parse Ignore to the annotation. The original annotation @parse Ignore is still applicable.

 * xxx description
 * @fastRequestParseIgnore
private String someIgnoreField ;

2023.2.2 Free trial 2023-11-24

  • Markdown doc template config
  • JSON5 support
  • Compatible with IDEA 2023.3
  • History requests list show errors

Markdown doc template config New feature

Provides a custom format for local markdown and Online API doc.View more detail

JSON5 support New feature

json5 JSON5 format support for Request body, JSON field comment support

2023.2.1.1 Free trial

  • Style optimization for Url textField in some themes
  • Project level header save error

2023.2.1 Free trial

  • UI predigestion
  • Support open API document in apis list
  • Auto domain
  • Map parse
  • Put show apis into right click menu
  • Add plugin version to statistics page
  • Many details optimized
  • Url and cUrl copy can not replace environment variable
  • Curl import parsing error in form-urlencoded and -d forms

UI predigestion New feature

urlInputWithMethod Simplify the three horizontal components of the old version (method drop-down box, url input box, and response drop-down box) into one, and remove the response drop-down box to increase simplicity.

Support open API document in apis list New feature


Put show apis into right click menu Optimization


Add plugin version to statistics page Optimization


2023.1.9 Free trial

  • Quick add Environment variable support
  • Add、Delete、Modify support in Environment use view
  • Show apis trigger in Controller
  • Response adds Size property
  • API Name Saving Optimization
  • Input parameter trim optimization
  • Reduce JSON tree tab size from 5MB to 2MB
  • Remove Accept-Language header when send request
  • cURL copy format error of form-data
  • Logic error of domain configuration page in some the case

Quick add Environment variable support New feature

quickAddEnvironmentVariable Click the "Add" button to select a line and add it to the environment variables, which can quickly save the variable to the current Env.

Add、Delete、Modify support in Environment use view New feature


Show apis trigger in Controller New feature

showApis Right-click in the Controller in any position to invoke Generate, chooseShow apis , all APIs in the current controller can be displayed.

Response adds Size property New feature


2023.1.8 Free trial

  • Environment
  • Method description length truncate
  • Parse support for Instant
  • Delete api directory error in Windows system

Environment New feature

Add nvironment variable support, more detail

Method description length truncate Optimization


You can truncate the method description process when the method name is too long, resulting in display or data saving.

Such as in SearchEveryWhere

2023.1.7.1 Free trial

  • Add generate action in SearchEveryWhere
  • The main window pops up with configuration
  • Param parse
  • Table dragging problem

Add generate action in SearchEveryWhere New feature

searchEveryWhere After select Auto-generate icon, you can echo or automatically generate API-related URLs and parameter in SearchEveryWhere

The main window pops up with configuration Optimization

Add a config Show main tool window when action trigger in Setting->Request Fast Request->Other config.

Param parse Optimization

Parsing optimization for the input parameters with @RequestBody Set<String>set. By default, strings are enclosed in double quotation marks.

public Set<String> test3(@RequestBody Set<String>set) {
    return set;

2023.1.7 Free trial

  • New icon
  • SearchEveryWhere enhance
  • Slack support
  • Compact http icon
  • Duplicate field
  • Optimize the insertion of script snippets
  • Optimize table and textarea
  • Optimize automatic domain parse
  • cUrl import
  • FullScreen
  • Params parse
  • Remove the .main from the module name of a Gradle project
  • SearchEveryWhere keyword search with spaces
  • Optimizing numerous operational details
  • Batch export api doc
  • History request echo data

New icon New feature


SearchEveryWhere enhance New feature

searchEveryWhere Add modulemethodTypelibrary condition

Slack support New feature

If you have any question, please click Slackopen in new window and join in.

We will help you solve your problems. Thanks!

Compact http icon New feature

You can also change it in setting -> Restful Fast Request -> Use compact http icon

MethodNew IconOld Icon

Duplicate field New feature

fieldDup Support field line duplicate, mark key end with -dup for duplicate key, plugin will do not change key for collection field, developers need to modify manually.

2023.1.6 Free trial

  • Header batch edit
  • Idea hang when debug in post script

Header batch edit New feature


2023.1.5 Free trial

  • Editor icon location
  • SearchEveryWhere style confusion
  • URL variable replacing

Editor icon location Optimization

editorAction Move from the original button where it is easy to block the text to the upper right corner of the editor

SearchEveryWhere style confusion

This issue accompanies many versions and this version completely fixes it.

SearchEveryWhere, from now on, will not have the problem of the tab width increasing and causing the tab to not be fully displayed.

v2023.1.4.2 Free trial

  • Domain edit error in project domain config
  • headers group load error

v2023.1.4.1 Free trial

  • Fix Auto domain of multi-module project

v2023.1.4 Free trial

  • Auto domain
  • SearchEveryWhere supports searching URLs in jar
  • Set project header error in Script

Auto domain New feature

Automatically identify or add a default domain,---->More detail

v2023.1.3.2 Free trial

  • Teamwork support
  • OpenAI API Optimising fields support
  • API and API storage file jumps
  • Project config refresh
  • rfr.currentModuleName support
  • API doc sync supports custom branch
  • Toolbar
  • LocalDateTime、LocalDate、LocalTime parse
  • Response text not format in IDEA 2023.1
  • Random generate url from array url
  • Comment can not be generate in Kotlin

FAQ:API data lost after install 2023.1.3

OpenAI API Optimising fields support New feature

ai Replace some random fields with the OpenAI APIopen in new window

API and API storage file jumps New feature


jump from apis Implementation of the API and the saved json data for associative jumping

Project config refresh New feature

refreshProjectConfig When the configuration file is updated, this function allows the UI to refresh the configuration as well.

rfr.currentModuleName support New feature

Get the module name of the current API. Please see it in script.

API doc sync supports custom branch Optimization

apiSyncSupportBranch Support custom branch, as in some cases the 'master' branch is protected and does not allow push

Toolbar Optimization




  1. Add vertical toolbar support.
  2. Button position adjustment


toolbar Rounded corners and adjusted background colour for icons.

v2023.1.2 Free trial

  • Image render from response
  • Annual report
  • Url parse logic
  • cUrl Import
  • Url special character parameter encoding
  • Add send request trigger to url field
  • Remove title of window
  • Patch request error in jdk11+
  • API name saved error

Image render from response New feature

imageRender Automatically render images for requests that respond to image.

Annual report New feature

annualReport Statistics for previous years of operation.

Url parse logic Optimization

Optimised the final result of url splicing against variables. For example, splicing several variables finally calculates a url

Plugin will calculate final url to /test/a.htm

public class MyConstant {
  public static final String MODULE_NAME = "a";
  public static final String DYNAMIC_WEB_SUFFIX = ".htm";
  public String test2() {
  return "";

cUrl import Optimization

  1. automatic parsing of query param into Url params tab page
  2. json parsing optimization
  3. Known bug fixes

Url special character parameter encoding Optimization

We have done some optimization, no longer need to encode special characters in url params.

Add send request trigger to url field Optimization

Add Enter key listener to url field that can send the request.

v2023.1.1 Free trial

  • Add support for quickly add domain from Yml or Properties config
  • Add project-level domain config
  • Icon alignment
  • Tool window icon in new UI
  • Make Project-level headers value optional
  • Cookie fetch
  • Swagger default value for basic type
  • Array not parse

Project-level domain config New feature


projectLevelDomainDialog Supports fast config domain directly from the yml or properties file,for more detail, please see Project-level domain config

Icon alignment Optimization

The buttons have been categorised to make it easier for developers to find and understand the function of the corresponding button.

Tool window icon in new UI Optimization

The clarity of the tool window icons has been optimised under the new UI.

v2022.3.1 Free trial

  • Add @fastRequestParseIgnore comment support for parse
  • Add rfr.currentDomain in Script
  • Activation prompt optimization
  • Reload api error in navigate when using Kotlin and Java in one project

Add @parseIgnore comment support for parse New feature

The following code, the plugin will ignore parsing this field. Please use @parseIgnore

 * xxx description
 * @parseIgnore
private String someIgnoreField ;

Add rfr.currentDomain in Script New feature

You can get the current domain link in the Script through rfr.currentDomain

v2022.2.9 Free trial

  • Compatible with IDEA 2022.2.4
  • Global animate config support
  • Cookie bug
  • Navigate tab load error

Global animate config support New feature

animateConfig You can close animate in this global config, if close, icon animation will stop

v2022.2.8 Free trial

  • Directory download file support
  • @RequestParam support name attribute
  • Error when check update

Directory download file support New feature

When response contains content-disposition:attachment, click send will automatically adapt the download

v2022.2.7 Free trial

  • Api doc sync
  • Api doc show return type document
  • Plugin update alert mechanism
  • Common header
  • Full screen
  • Comment preview
  • Module header value always be checked
  • Parse bug
  • Error when use string param in body

Api sync New feature

Online Api doc sync---->More detail

Api doc show return type document


Plugin update notification mechanism New feature


Change from an explicit dialog box to a notification, at the same time automatic updates have been changed to turn on, if you want to turn it off, please go to the configuration page and turn it off manually. But I recommend turning it on, so that you can receive updates in time.

Note that the previous version of the update will still be a pop-up dialog, this version onwards will be a message notification.

Common header New feature

commonHeader---->More detail

Full screen New feature

fullScreen---->More detail

Comment preview Optimization


v2022.2.6 Free trial

  • Clear params support
  • Api comment preview
  • Sort param column by key
  • Api doc add required column
  • Long delay in checking for updates
  • Long delay when first open tool window
  • Multi print when use pre-script

Clear params support New feature

clear clear all

clearColumnValue batch clean column value

Api comment preview New feature


Sort param column by key New feature


v2022.2.5.2 Free trial

  • Post script cannot be cleared

v2022.2.5.1 Free trial

  • Console syntax error

v2022.2.5 Free trial

  • Add console for script
  • Add print script support
  • Add currentProjectName and currentEnvName property in build-in property
  • Get description from javadoc for path and request param
  • @RequestPart support
  • Add twitter in doc action group
  • Post script not execute when response is success but code for example is 401

Console support New feature

console Console helps developers print some info you wanted

More info please see script->console

Add currentProjectName and currentEnvName property in build-in property New feature

You can use these 2 variables for some judgment

More info please see script->Built-in variable->rfr

Get description from javadoc for path and request param New feature

parseDocDesc Parse parameter comments in the form of Javadoc, suitable for path parameters and request param is a parameter of non-entity class

twitter New feature

If you have a Twitter account, please follow me, thank you


v2022.2.4.1 Free trial

  • Fix the small screen EUAL agreement cannot display the agree button

v2022.2.4 Free trial

  • New logo
  • Support parse date by annotation's pattern
  • Support parse url of BaseController
  • Change auto update configurable
  • Parameter encoding
  • Parse error when map not contains generics
  • Post script can not add or remove header

New logo New feature

Developers can freely choose and switch the color you want in the drop-down box, and can make it moving

Support parse date by DateTimeFormat annotation pattern New feature


Support parse url of BaseController New feature


Change auto update configurable Optimization

autoUpdate If you don't need to receive automatic updates, you can turn it off and update it manually (recommend open)

v2022.2.3.1 Free trial

  • Fix the bug that the parameter cannot be cleared

v2022.2.3 Free trial

  • Pre-request Script
  • Post-request Script
  • One-click copy Url
  • Compatible with IDEA 2021.2.1
  • RequestParam defaultValue parse
  • Apply table cell value change when click send request
  • Url can not generate after close tool window and reopen
  • Jax-rs PATCH not supported

Script support New feature



Scripts allow developers to more flexibly, dynamically and easily modify some input parameters of the request process and the processing of responses. Please refer to Script

One-click copy Url New feature


Apply table cell value change when click send request Optimization

Before 2022.2.3, when entering the parameters in the table, if the cursor is still inside the table, click the action button at this time, and in some scenarios, an error will be reported or the value cannot be modified, and the problem is solved in this version.

How the old version deals with it: FAQ:After entering the parameters, the API call found that the parameters were invalid

v2022.2.2 Free trial

  • Add stop API request function
  • Batch export API doc
  • Add annotations when export to Postman
  • Editor hangs in case of a large amount of response data
  • The experience and tips in some scenarios
  • SearchEveryWhere err in EAP/New ui version
  • Error when modify number param in Multipart
  • History request delete operation error in some cases

Add stop API request function New feature


Batch export API doc New feature


v2022.2.1 Free trial

  • API grouping parameter save support
  • Temporary request save support
  • Add support for cURL import
  • Add Response Header in response
  • Add support for Url suffix
  • Optimized parameter parsing
  • Optimize shortcut keys
  • Fix Word export bug

API grouping parameter save support New feature

Purpose: Save parameters of different combinations under one API

The original save operation will be classified into the Default group by default

How to:After entering the parameters, click Save group param request


Toggle parameter

The following is the query of the book list in 3 languages


Temporary request save support New feature


Purpose: Save any request that does not belong to this project for temporary invocation, not associated with the current project code

The Url of the Request saved by the temporary request must start with http or https

cURL import New feature


Note that if you need to bind a method, you need to place the cursor on the method name

Add Response Header in response New feature


Add support for Url suffix New feature


Purpose: Some requests need to add .do at the end of the url

Optimized parameter parsing Optimization

Optimized parsing of List<Entity>

v2022.1.10 Free trial

  • Add support for history request preview
  • Add support for description search in SearchEveryWhere
  • Add request timeout settings
  • Shortcut key conflict optimization
  • Text editor character display cursor positioning optimization
  • Curl output format optimization
  • Optimization @Consumes(APPLICATION_JSON) ineffective problem(JAX-RS)

Add support for history request preview New feature

history Hidden skills: Double-click the record to display details

Add support for description search in SearchEveryWhere Optimization

searchEveryWhereDescription Support description search API

Add request timeout settings New feature

timeoutSetting Default value: 60 seconds

Optimization Optimization

  • Shortcut key conflict optimization
    • Added Shift to the three shortcut keys for opening windows
  • Text editor character display cursor positioning optimization
    • When the text editor generates a string, it focuses on the first line by default

v2022.1.9 Free trial

  • Add shortcut keys for tool window jump
  • Add auto add cookie support
  • Add support for html preview in response raw
  • Ignore field parsing optimizations
  • Generic parameter parsing support
  • Improve project global config
  • Interface optimization
  • Save API insertion order optimization
  • APIs list view optimization
  • Optimized export preview
  • Fixed bug when editing params at the same time delete param

Add shortcut keys for tool window jump New feature

toolwindowShortcut Provides shortcut keys to jump quickly, you can change it in setting -> Keymap

Add auto add cookie support New feature

autoStoreCookie Then automatically stored in == project global parameters == If enable this configuration,cookie will automatically store in Project Global Config -> cookies,This configuration is enabled by default.

Add support for html preview in response raw Optimization

rawHtmlPreview The response of the html return type is no longer truncated in raw, and the html can be previewed at the same time

Ignore field parsing optimizations Optimization

  • Ignore parsing annotated by `@JsonIgnore`、`@JSONField(serialize = false)` fields
  • Ignore parsing`transient` keyword-decorated fields

Generic parameter parsing support Optimization

Support for such generic parameter parsing

public class CommonDTO<T,R> implements Serializable {
    private String accessToken;
    private String appKey;
    private String clientId;
    private T data;
    private List<R> dataList;

@PostMapping(value = "/apply")
public Integer loanApply(@RequestBody CommonDTO<Book, TestDTO> req){
    return 1;

Improve project global config Optimization

projectConfigParam Added URL ParamsURL-Encoded ParamsCookies


  • Interface optimization
    • Optimized tab spacing(narrow under windows)、background color
  • Save API insertion order optimization
    • The post-saved API will be placed on top

APIs list view optimization New feature

apisList The rendering of the APIs interface has been optimized,Newly saved api icons are automatically optimized by default,The API saved in history can be right-clicked to select and change

v2022.1.8 Free trial

  • Project-level global parameters support
  • Optimized response data quickly add to headers
  • Optimized cookies quickly added to the header
  • Postman export optimization
  • Fix navigate tree scan bug
  • Fix some bug

Project-level global parameters support New feature


Support global parameters within the project level, not affected by multiple modules.

Configure priority api header > project header>global header

Quickly add to header parameters Optimization



Change add params to global header to add params to project global header

Cookie is also like this

v2022.1.7 Free trial

  • Kotlin spring framework support
  • Add SearchEveryWhere scope search strategy
  • Add toggleUseSoftWrap support in editor
  • Add support for add to Global Header from response
  • Add support for navigating to the current method
  • Optimize automatic binding projectName for saved api under multiple modules

Kotlin spring framework support New feature


Add SearchEveryWhere scope search strategy Optimization

searchEveryWhereStrategy The 2022.1.7 version can search for mapping in SpringBoot feign or controller by default

The default search strategy is to search based on annotations, and two options are provided. If you need to exclude interfaces similar in SpringBoot feign interface during the search process, you can remove the check of Interface to deal with it.

Add toggleUseSoftWrap support in editor


Add support for add to Global Header from response New feature

add2GlobalHeader It is recommended to use in multi-module projects, because Add to Headers can only be added to the current module project

Add support for navigating to the current method

navigate2CurrentMethod After you generate the url of the method, sometimes you will switch to another place in the code, and then want to start debugging the API method, you can use this function to quickly locate the code

Optimize automatic binding projectName for saved api under multiple modules Optimization

Optimized the need to manually switch the project drop-down box for the saved api echo under the multi-module

v2022.1.6 Free trial

  • Add support for one click to add cookie to header
  • Add support for sharing API to Word and html
  • Fix bug for `Basic Authorization` don't carry Basic
  • Removes the drag function in APIs tab

Add support for one click to add cookie to header New feature

addCookie2Header For those that require cookie support for login, you can quickly add the cookie in the response to the Header to achieve this

Add support for sharing API to Word and html New feature

shareApi Please note that the API in word form is implemented in html, so don't feel strange, just export it

v2022.1.5 Free trial

  • Add support for automatically generating parameter descriptions
  • Add support for generate API documentation
  • Add support for single class API list preview
  • Remove text/html in Accept param in default header
  • Fix some bugs

Add support for automatically generating parameter descriptions New feature

paramDescription You can hide or show description by toggle click

Add support for generate API documentation New feature


apiDocExample After generating parameters, you can generate a Markdown document directly by sharing

Add support for single class API list preview New feature

apiDocExample After focusing on the window, enter the keyword, and you can quickly search according to the path keyword of the API

v2022.1.4 Free trial

require idea 2021.2+

  • SearchEveryWhere highlight optimization
  • Add support for import and export APIs
  • Add support for run APIs
  • Add timeout for api request
  • Compatible with idea 2022.1
  • Make it optional for automatically generate parameters
  • Swagger annotation default value parameter parsing support
  • Merged Send and Send and Download buttons
  • APIs user interface optimization
  • API Navigate rename to Navigate in tab
  • Optimize the user guide of features
  • Url generation optimization
  • Fix Light files should have PSI only in one project

SearchEveryWhere highlight optimization Optimization

help Highlight search keywords to speed up the search for the API you really want to find.At the same time, the javadoc corresponding to the api is displayed

Add support for import and export APIs New feature

exportImportApis Using this function, you can easily share your existing APIs with other developers, or import to IDEA on other devices

More info Features->APIs import and export

Add support for run APIs New feature

runInApiManagement You can run your saved requests directly in the APIs tab

Automatically generate parameter optionals Optimization


Merged Send and Send and Download buttons Optimization

mergeRunAndDownload The buttons have been merged, because we usually use Send but not Send and Download, which reduces the number of toolbar buttons and looks simpler

Swagger default value parsing support New feature

Added the parsing of the default value of swagger annotations, which is more user-friendly of input parameters

  • @ApiParam(swagger2)
  • @ApiImplicitParam(swagger2)
  • @ApiModelProperty(swagger2)
  • @Parameter(swagger3)
  • @Schema(swagger3)

More info Features->swagger default value parsing support

Optimize the user guide of features New feature

help We have added a ? option in different windows to display some guidelines. For first-time users, it's easier to operate

And with the iteration of the version, more prompt operation guidelines may be added in the future

Url generation optimization Optimization

Historical logic will only take the first url, that is, test1, considering that in actual use, it is possible that you need another url, so random support has been added.

The following method url will be randomly generated to /url1/test1,/url1/test2,/url2/test1,/url2/test2 by click

public class MultiUrlController {
    @GetMapping(value = {"test1","test2"})
    public Integer testUrl(){
        return 1;

Expression support. The following demo url will be generated to /url/public/test1

public class Constant {
  public static final String PUBLIC_URL = "/public";
public class MultiUrlController {
  @GetMapping(value = Constant.PUBLIC_URL + "/test1")
  public Integer testUrl(){
    return 1;

API Navigate rename to Navigate in tab Optimization

In the case where the tool window is relatively small, the API Navigate will be hidden. In order to display more content in the smallest tool window as possible, the name is shorter.

v2.1.3 Free

  • Add encode support for special symbol in parameter
  • Add global headers to curl

v2.1.2 Free

  • Add support for export api to Postman
  • Open the idea lazy loading API Navigate tree for the first time
  • SearchEveryWhere show module
  • Optimize URL parsing
  • Optimize the display of api navigate tree
  • Optimize the group when save api
  • Global header params support

Optimize URL parsing New feature

support parse like following example

no longer need to configure the URL Replace Config separately

Scene 1: URLS are class constant references
public class UrlTestController {
    private static final String URL= "xxx";

    @GetMapping(value = URL)
    public Integer testUrl(){
        return 1;

Add support for export api to Postman New feature


SearchEveryWhere show module New feature


Optimize the group when save api New feature

when saving the api,it will save to a group named controller's name


Global header params support New feature


v2.1.1 Free

  • SearchEveryWhere support
  • Add a what's new button to view the latest version at any time
  • Optimize the parsing of enum
  • Add support for http redirect

SearchEveryWhere support New feature

get /list         (used for search get method)
post /save        (used for search post method)


Quick view of the latest version New feature


v2.1.0.2 Free

v2.1.0.1 Free

  • Fix get param error

v2.1.0 Free

  • Fix post api parse error when using @RequestBody and @RequestParam
  • Parsing support for nested classes
  • Add support for url parse from the path property of the @RequestMapping in controller class level
  • Added support for Api Tree scanning with @RequestMapping class

v2.0.9 Free

  • Fix "Slow operations are prohibited on EDT" for 2021.3+
  • Fix add headers from response
  • Add project-level configuration,env and project will not change while switch project
  • Add format action icon to textEditor

Add headers from response New feature

if your api need token in header,you can do like this to add params to header from response


Add format action icon to textEditor New feature


v2.0.8.1 Free

  • Fix conflicting error when searchEveryWhere
  • Adjust position of toolbar action button
  • remove unnecessary dependence,size 11.1M->5.9M

v2.0.8 Free

  • Fix npe when first add project/env
  • Json tree response character rendering maximum limit
  • Add support for filter by methodType in Api navigate
  • Add support for ignoring parameter parsing
  • Fix some EDT problem
  • Send/sendDownload button support for custom shortcut keys
  • Fix response text not show in 2021.3

send/sendDownload button support for custom shortcut keys New feature

shortcut is available anywhere to trigger the event,No longer need to focus on the tool window


Add support for filter by methodType in Api navigate New feature


v2.0.7 Free

  • Add support for api navigate tree
  • Add support for automatic switching of Headers with project and environment switching
  • Optimized Windows system. In some cases, downloading files cannot pop up the directory
  • Optimize the parameter parse of @RequestParam
  • Optimize tool window project and env drop-down components and layout
  • Optimize the prompt message of curl copy
  • Optimize the prompt message of curl regenerate
  • Add confirm operation when delete project and env config
  • Fix the order of json field output is disrupted
  • Move send button to toolbar and support keyboard shortcut

API navigate tree New feature

Select the tree and enter keywords
Press Enter again or double-click the left mouse button to locate the API

Hover the mouse to display the doc of the api


Headers Automatic switching New feature

Scenes:Multi-module projects such as SpringBoot have different header parameters in different projects and different environments.
In order to quickly switch headers, header grouping is coming.
Operation method:
1.Modify in the headers group, constraint: the input value must be in standard json format
2.Switch the environment or project name directly, and then enter the corresponding key and value values in the headers form


Optimize the parameter parse of @RequestParam New feature

@RequestParam parameters will be prioritized according to the alias
@RequestParam("nameAlias")List<String> nameList param name will be nameAlias

Move send button to toolbar and support keyboard shortcut New feature

send request: alt =
send and download: alt -
Prerequisites:Tool window needs to be focused


Optimize tool window project and env drop-down box and layout New feature

Icon p represents project
Icon e represents environment



v2.0.6 Free

  • Fix "Light files should have PSI only in one project"
  • Add support for json syntax check
  • Add support for PATCH method
  • Added support for saving the API to the corresponding module group
  • Fix null value in response not output
  • Add support for JAX-RS
  • Display what's new

Without affecting the use, sometimes it will pop up "Light files should have PSI only in one project".This has fixed in 2.0.6

json grammar check New feature


API group automatic association New feature


Module supports quick search apiGroup

JAX-RS support New feature


Show what's new New feature

Will only be shown once apiGroup

v2.0.5 Free

  • JSON built-in editor support
  • Fix checkbox hidden when change param by text
  • Fix headers param show error when reshow the api
  • Optimized the request progress bar display

v2.0.4 Free

  • Fix the interface confusion caused by the response content aisle
  • Optimization of response JSON ultra long display
  • Optimized icon size
  • Migrate Chinese documents to Gitee

v2.0.3 Free

  • Add confirmation when deleting api
  • Added the support of selecting all parameters and inverting selection
  • Fix param parse for java.util.Set
  • Fix parse like 【@RequestParam
  • Fix the confusion of the quick add header interface

v2.0.2 Free

  • Fix that the A request is displayed to the B project in the case of multiple open projects
  • Fix array and list param parse error decorate by @ResponseBody
  • Fix List without generic parse error
  • Add support for send and download
  • Show progressbar while sending request
  • Brand new document[click the doc icon in the toolbar]
  • Some optimization

v2.0.1 Free

  • rename from Fast Request to Restful Fast Request
  • merge Json、Form URL-Encoded、Multipart to Body Tab to reduce the tool window width
  • fix bug when modify config in global mode
  • add get、post、delete、put icon to saved request
  • saved request support more search strategy
  • rename tab name from collection to APIs
  • support parse java.time.YearMonth

v2.0.0 Free

  • support store request
  • support params optional
  • optimal iu
  • fix some bugs
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